07 Apr 2014


Posted by Circle of Trust

This spring’s trend is MINT.

Try to combine soft colors for the mint look. We have already put together a look to inspire you. Of course combined with one of Circle’s trousers. This time we used the ‘Marney Wax – white beach’ trouser.

The brands used for this look:
1. Circle of Trust
2. Nike
3. Rebecca Minkoff
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs


03 Apr 2014

13 Mar 2014

11 Mar 2014


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Did you now girls can look like their moms?

We have a lovely matching mother daughter collection. The next items are the perfect example to look like a mini version of you.  :-)

Mini Kaci Jacket + Mini Envy Sweat + Mini Marly Aztek = MINI YOU.

26 Feb 2014


Posted by Circle of Trust

We had a warm welcome with a cup of coffee and piece of Limburger pie at ‘A4 Vrouwenmode’ in Panningen. Past October the store celebrated it’s seven year existence. The name ‘A4 Vrouwenmode’ is translated as A4 women’s fashion, whereas the A stands for Angela who is the owner of the shop and the 4 stands for her four children.

Angela started the store because she has a true passion for fashion and has always been involved in fashion. The store offers a wide collection of fashion for women. With a small backyard, lovely kitchen and the employees smile you feel more than welcome to enter their fashion grounds. The service they offer is called honesty. Trust needs to be equal.

The store sells tough, feminine but edgy women’s clothing. The collection has various possibilities, you can wear it when you go out in the evening, to dine with friends but you can also keep it more classy and wear it to work. Multiple options to make women feel strong and well cared for.

A very wide audience of women visit the store. However the women who visit the shop are known for their femininity and female curves. The women represent an age range from 15 to 60 years old.

Circle of Trust is very popular lately. This has to do with the variety of jeans models. From higher waist jeans to lower waist jeans, a jeans for every type of women. This makes it easier to wear to different occasions; you can wear Circle’s jeans to school or work.

Circle’s bestselling item this season was the Clover jumpsuit which was sold out immediately. The number one classic jeans that is still going strong is the D’Nimes. Two other jeans that stand out are the Aiden and the Kaley jeans.

Besides being able to get your favourite Circle item here there are more reasons to visit Panningen. Panningen has a really cosy charisma, home feel environment where you can park for free. In summer here are several terraces for drinks after shopping. For a holiday Panningen and surroundings is the place to be. There are a lot of holiday parks and campsites. Plus Germany and Belgium are close. For the families: attraction park Toverland is nearby.

Because of Angela the store is involved in creating a unity between all the stores in Panningen. They organize several events and together they create a welcoming feeling for visitors. Upcoming events: Flower and Fashion on the 13th of April and the Glitz and Glam event on the 12th of September.

Check their Facebook at www.facebook.com/A4Vrouwenmode
Their address: Markt 10A, Panningen, The Netherlands.